Submitting Claims for stc protect travel insurance

Emergency Medical Claims – Direct International Assistance

In case of medical emergency when you are travelling, call or email the International Helpline mentioned below:

International: +962 65008119
WhatsApp: +962 776811108

The assistance company will arrange the medical service within its medical network. Depending on your location and condition, this might take an average of 2 hours from requesting assistance.

Approval or rejection for treatment, after receiving all medical documents from the doctor, can take an average of 2 hours.

Once the claim is approved, the assistance company will send the guarantee of payment to the concerned hospital/ medical center on the spot. The Assistance company can advise the policy holder to go ask treatment directly from his nearest hospital in case of emergency cases and then ask for reimbursement.

Reimbursement Claims

Reimbursement claims can be initiated directly to DAMANA helpline +973 1756 2564 or can be initiated using ‘My Dashboard’.

You can also submit reimbursement claims directly to Insurance Company by emailing at

Travel Insurance Related Inquiries

General International Helplines

+353 91 56 06 21
+49 1805115610
+33 800918040
+34 915811821
+15 672692968

How to Submit a Claim on stc protect device insurance Policy

Following steps should be followed if your device is theft:

  • Report the theft of your mobile phone to stc within first 12 hours and instruct them to block the line
  • Report the theft of your mobile phone to the Police within 24 hours of the incident. A police report must be obtained.
  • Obtain any other relevant supporting documents, invoices and photographs to substantiate the particulars of the incident and evidence of forcible/ violent entry/ exit.
  • Fill & submit the claim form at stc service center in Seef Mall.

At the time of Damage – Repair or Replacement

If you have an insurance program provided by T’azur then please visit stc Service Center for iPhone claims, Bin Hindi Services Centers for Samsung claims and MCC Service Center for Huawei claims. Contact details of all service centers are mentioned below.

If you have an insurance program provided by Solidarity then please visit stc Service Center for all your claims (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Others etc.)

Visit the below service center with following:

  • Copy of the Insured Customer identification: CPR, passport.
  • Device serial number (IMEI) in case of mobiles /ESN, or IMEI in case of tablets (if applicable) or IMEI if having telephone function.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Insurance.
  • Claim form to be filled out at the time of submitting the damaged device to the appointed workshop.
  • In case of Robbery: Original copy of the complaint filed with the Police.
  • Payment receipt from the SIM provider of the SIM replacement.

Service Centers:

stc Service Centers:

stc Service Center - SEEF
1st Floor, Seef Mall, Road 2819, Block 428, Seef Area
Tel: 17140049
Timing: 10:00 - 08:00pm, Every day


MCC Service Centers:

MCC Tubli Service Center - Main 
Building 85A, Avenue 13,Block 711, Tubli
Tel: 1778302517310101
Timing: 09:00am - 6:00pm, Sat – Thu

BIN HINDI Service Centers:

BINHINDI Service Center - Main 
Flat 11, Bldg 435, Road 1805, Block 318, Ground Floor Opposite of Hoora Police station, Exhibition Road
Tel: 17310444
Timing: 09:00am - 5:30pm, Sat – Thu

BINHINDI Service Center - RIFFA
BINHINDI Enaya Facility
Buildings 710, A710, 712, A712, Road 2819, Block 928
Beside Wadi Al Sail police station. (Near BDF Hospital), West Riffa
Tel: 17410222
Timing: 09:00am - 5:30pm, Sat – Thu