Frequently Asked Questions

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Travel insurance protects you & your family from unfortunate incidents like medical emergencies, personal accident, loss of baggage and belongings, flight delays and similar other losses. Also, it is mandatory to carry travel insurance when travelling to Schengen countries.

You should be at least 18 years old to apply for a travel insurance. Children age three months and more can be enrolled in travel insurance by parents.

A family travel insurance plan covers both spouse and up to three children. If a family has more than 3 children, additional policies can be added to the family plan for them as individuals.

You can pay using your credit/ debit card. If you are an stc customer, you can also pay using your stc postpaid and prepaid line.

You can stay for a maximum of 92 consecutive days per trip .

New policy with same credentials can be taken at the time of expiry from stc protect website.

The major risks covered are personal accident, emergency medical treatment, flight delays, loss of baggage and repatriation.

You don’t require any document to receive the quotation.

Cancellation is allowed only under certain conditions and accepted by insurance company on case to case basis as mentioned in policy document. Insurance company may obtain evidence relating to no claim/ no benefit obtained before making cancellation. Schengen Plans are not cancellable.

All required documents are mentioned in your policy document. However key documents are your CPR/ National ID, passport, travel evidence (entry - exit stamp), paid bills, police and/ or hospital reports. Insurance company may ask for other documents as well to substantiate a claim. 

Based on the country you are planning to travel, stc protect offers Schengen, Worldwide, Asia, GCC, Bahrain Basic & Bahrain Plus plan. Each plan is customized and tailored to your travel insurance needs.


You can use my dashboard to change contact information at any time. Under certain circumstances you can also update your passport no. or extend the duration of your travel insurance plan..

To buy travel insurance you will be required to provide your personal and contact information. You will also be required to upload a copy of your CPR/ National ID and passport.

Yes. Login to your dashboard and click Submit a Claim to initiate the process.

You can contact 24x7 emergency medical helpline +962 65008119 from anywhere in the world to submit emergency medical claims.

You can call Insurance company customer care at +973 1756 2564 or stc customer care at 124.

stc protect device insurance covers selected Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other smartphones acquired with stc device plans.

stc protect device insurance covers incidents not included in the warranty, such as:

Damage by sand, water, humidity, dropping and impacts.


Robbery (In case of Robbery a police report must be presented at the time of submitting the claim).

Loss and warranty related issues are not included in the insurance.

For details of coverage and policy wording for new insurance program, visit: Solidarity Insurance Program

In case of an accidental damage to your smartphone. Please visit stc Service Center located in Seef Mall and our representative will facilitate you in processing the claim and guide you about repairs and/ or replacement.

stc Service Center
1st Floor, Seef Mall
Road 2819
Block 428
Seef Area
Landline: 17140049
Timing: 10:00 - 20:00, Every day.

1. Report the robbery of your mobile phone to stc within the first 12 hours and instruct them to block the line.

2. Report the robbery of your mobile phone to the Police within 24 hours of the incident. A police report must be obtained.

3. Please visit stc Service Center located in Seef Mall and our representative will facilitate you in initiating the claim and guide you about repairs and/ or replacement.

1. Copy of the Insured Customer identification: CPR/ Passport.

2. Copy of the Certificate of Insurance.

3. Insurance claim form.

4. In case of Robbery; original copy of the complaint filed with the Police.

5. Payment receipt from the SIM provider of the SIM replacement.

stc protect device insurance offers two coverage options:

1. Protect Mobile Plus:

This plan covers accidental damages, theft, robbery & burglary and offers up to 2 repairs or 1 Repair, 1 Replacement or 1 Replacement depending upon the damage or claim type.

2. Protect Mobile Basic:

This plan covers accidental damage to front screen only and offers up to 2 screen replacements depending upon the damage or claim type.

stc protect device insurance coverage will expire upon the first replacement of your Apple, Samsung or Huawei smartphone, yet the annual plan payments will continue to apply.


No, there are no reimbursements.

No you can’t extend, nor renew the contract.

No, it’s not transferable.

The main link between the insurance and your phone is the phone IMEI number for the phone you have purchased from stc.

Please note that in case the customer replaces a device for any warranty related issues (outside insurance) and the device IMEI is changed, the customer must present proof of replacement from the official service center including the old and new IMEI.

Usually the smartphone comes with a 12 months manufacturer warranty. stc protect extended warranty adds next 12 months to the warranty, so you can have a total of 24 months warranty on your favorite smartphone.

stc protect extended warranty program covers selected Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other smartphones acquired with stc device plans.

stc protect extended warranty covers all the incidents that are covered by your manufacturer's warranty. To view the coverage by manufacturer, please review the terms and condition of your brand.

Simply visit stc service center with your CPR and your device and our dedicated agent will service your claim

stc service center
1st Floor, Seef Mall,
Road 2819, Block 428, Seef Area
Landline: 17140049
Timing: 10am to 10pm, Everyday

stc protect extended warranty will be valid until the end of cover period regardless of number of claims unless the economic limit is reached

Economic limit is the actual purchase value of the device.

Any claim for amount more than economic limit will be paid by customer.

Whether a phone will be repaired or replaced depends upon technical diagnosis of the defective device by an authorized technician assigned by insurance company.

No. Insurance or warranty plan can not be canceled or transferred once purchased.

Please review policy wording for complete details however accidental damage, attempt to self repair or repairs, modifications, actions on the device of a technician not authorized by the manufacturer of the Assistance company, recovery of lost data and accessories are not covered