Extended Protection for your Smartphone

Extend your warranty for 12 additional months and enjoy peace of mind after manufacturer warranty expires with stc protect extended warranty program.

All phone usually comes with a 1-Year Warranty but with stc protect extended warranty program you get a 2nd Year Warranty as well.

How much would stc protect extended warranty cost?

You can now bundle extended warranty plan with your device insurance plan by additional cost as provided below:

Contract Duration Additional Price
12 Months BD 1.25/ Month
18 Months BD 1.00/ Month
24 Months BD 0.750/ Month
Extended Warranty Plans can be bundled with both Protect Mobile Plus and Protect Mobile Basic Plan Extended Warranty plans are subject to 5% value added tax

What is Excess on Submitting Claims?

You are not required to pay any additional changes for submitting Extended Warranty claims

How do I Buy Extended Warranty?

Simply visit stc store, stc online shop or ask your agent at the time of purchasing new device to add extended warranty plan bundled with your device insurance program.