Submit or Track your Claim

You can use this section to submit a claim or track the progress of existing claims.

Please make sure you have following information and documents available before you submit the claim:

  • Policy No.
  • All invoices related to claim together with proof of payment (receipts/ paid bills)
  • All supporting documents provided by relevant authority

Please note: You must keep a copy of all the original documents relating to the claim for at least 12 months from submitting the claim because insurance company may require original documents.

Make a Claim

Submit a Claim

With stc protect, submitting claims is fast, easy and secure.

Just fill your policy and claim information, select a reimbursement option and upload the documents to get started

Bank transfer claims are settled within 05 working days.

Submit a Claim
Track Your Claim

Track Your Claim

Once you submit the claim you can simply track the progress. Just click ‘Manage a Claim’ below or login to ‘My Dashboard’ using your email address and password to track the progress of your claim.

Manage a Claim